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Welcome to my Audio page! There are only useful links here in order to aid in finding answers to your audio questions. I've removed some links too. If you would like have a link to your page then drop me a line by email. Let me know if you run into dead links or other problems that I can fix. There are links to help in building speaker boxes, which I have seemed to get several people coming into my page looking for that... Or maybe some THX stuff...


Audio Internet Links...

Audio Engineering Society - What can I say?
Digital Domain - Information about Digital systems.
DAT-heads - Mailing list home page with FAQs about DAT
Audio Terms - Rane Professional Audio Glossary
Virtual Audio Library - All kinds of audio information
Richmond Sound Design Ltd. - Theatre-Sound links

Subwoofer DIY page 1.01 - Info for subwoofer enclosures - Currently broken link.
The Speaker Building page - Info and software for building speaker boxes, finding x-over frequencies and such.
Crossover and Box Design - A calculator for determining what kind of box you need.
Speaker Mania - Find driver parameters, cabinet sizes, all sorts of speaker and audio stuff.
DIY Audio & Video - Lots of links to crossover designs, speaker information, basic audio instructions.
Radio Stations - A list of all the U.S. Radio Stations on the Internet
Install Doctor - How to install a car stereo yourself
Hi-Fi John's - Personal website with categorized links to all kinds of audio related sites.
Andrews Music World - Just about everything for home and car audio (needs some organization because there is so much information.
Electronix Wearhouse - Car Audio Advice, Sales

MIDI File Links... - Get MIDI files like the one playing
MIDI Haven - More MIDI files
Classical Music MIDI Page - Just about every classical song in MIDI format
MIDI.COM - Official MIDI website (as they say). (currently offline) - A website with a categorized MIDI file list and search engine.

MP3 File Links... There used to be more, but since MP3s have boomed, I can't keep up.

WinMX - A file sharing program, and share like you did with Napster except with multiple filetypes. Especially MP3.

Ask MP3 - An MP3 information FAQ site, all your MP3 questions answered.
MusicCity - Download a file sharing program, and share like you did with Napster except with all kinds of files the program is called Morpheus. - The ULTIMATE MP3 Resource on the Internet, from signed bands to unsigned bands.
MPEG-X- MPEG Related audio and video site; software archives
AudioFind - Streaming MP3s All audio should be this good!
Digital Audio Sounds - THX trailers in MP3 format, as well as other sample files.  Its worth a look.
THX Trailer, I have it on my website ONLY! It is encoded at 192Kbits and is 332KB in size. 

Most recent Update: 22 May 2002
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