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Audio Samples

Here are some sound clips that I have created for my portfolio (and still creating).

G2 Real Audio Player Get the official Real Audio player to listen to my Real Audio clips - use an older version the new one costs money now.  Some files may take some time to load, please be patient (unless it comes up with an error).
Winamp MP3 Player Use Winamp (a free player) to play my MP3 files. In order to download the s, you will have to Right click and choose "Save Target As...".

NEW!!!  Recorded at Memorial Lutheran Church, Solos by Richard Brumfield and Becky Gaynor.  Choir was both churches as is below.

"Agnus Dei" 56K (32Kbps Real Audio 8 HQ) Visit MLC Audio Files website for new audio and music files.

Recorded live at Christ Community Lutheran.  Memorial Lutheran and Christ Community choir members sing for the Lord.  Listen now!

For Unto Us a Child is Born 56K (32Kbps).

This is a sample of the most recent live recording at Memorial Lutheran Church, in Vancouver, WA. The choir performed live to it and I recorded them. Here is a sample of "Songs of the Promise" and "In Every Land Begin the Song" from the performance Canticle of Joy.

Songs of the Promise 56K (32.5Kbps) 3:05; In Every Land Begin the Song 56K (32.5Kbps) 2:16.

This is a sample of a recent live recording at Memorial Lutheran Church, in Vancouver, WA. I took an old accompaniment cassette and cleaned up the music, the choir performed live to it and I recorded them. Here is a sample of the last number in the cantata, No Other Lamb.

56K (32.1Kbps) 1:28.

This is a sample of two of several songs I recorded at Rex Recording in Portland. The band is named Swing Suite and they play locally. I recorded, mixed and mastered the whole thing. (My source is from a cassette right now).

56K (32.5Kbps Stereo) or  MP3 (160Kbps) 1:08. This is the whole song of the Swing Suite - The Summer Wind, MP3 .(160Kbps; cassette master).

The title of this one is "E-Z Soda." I created this fictional commercial with the intentions of using previously recorded materials (the can of pop opening and pouring, and the song). I wanted something relaxing and something that will catch your attention right away. I used my own voice for this ad.

28.8K, 56K (29.5 second), 56K (14.5 second), MP3 (29.5 second, 112Kbps). 

Here is "Popular Music in B Minor." This song was recorded at AIS using analog 24 track tape during my 6th quarter. The band's name is Sansei, and they have recorded other songs. It's a rock/pop kind of song and I am pleased with the way it turned out. Make sure you listen to this one if you don't listen to any others, it's only one minute long!

28.8K, 56K, Full Version 4:47 MP3 (VBR 160), Demo MP3 (128Kbps) then find this link again.

Here is the first multitrack recording I did at AIS (or anywhere for that matter) in my fourth quarter of studies. It was done with only one take using the only 8 tracks of the 24 track tape. This was more of a learning lesson than anything. The name of the song is "Tokyo Blues" and the band was the Sixth Avenue Quartet. It's a nice jazzy song.

28.8K, 56K, (192Kbps) Contact me to download the file if it does not work on the Geocities website.

This song is called "The Praise Song." It's originally only about a 2 minute song anyways, but I only have a one minute "demo" version on here. This was a live performance recording done in a newly built church with a DAT machine and a pair of headphones. My assistant was Brian Beaudry.

28.8K, 56K (G2), Full Version 2:09 (SureStream G2), MP3 (160Kbps variable bitrate) Contact me to download the file.

Here is another multitrack song I did at AIS during my last quarter of studies. The name of the song is "He Holds The Keys," and is sung by Penny Kenworthy and played by members of my church. They are one minute demo pieces.

28.8K, G2 version, (128Kbps) May not work on the Geocities website.  Try

"Tacoma Dome Craft & Food Bazaar." The first voice-over ad I produced. Using my voice, in 29.5 seconds, I explain what's happening and all the necessary info. With a song from the Nutcracker in the background as well as crowd noise.

28.8K, 56K, TacomaDome.mp3 (128Kbps) May not work on the Geocities website.  Try

If you're interested in my work you can check out my resume. I also have some sound effects that I have recorded, but I will not post them here.

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